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MANUSCRIPT AND TEXT CULTURES: Navigating the Text: Textual Articulation and Division in Pre-Modern Cultures

The second issue of Manuscript and Text Cultures brings together several case studies of the different approaches to the structuring and layout of the text, presenting them accessibly using a custom interactive interface. The authors explore the phenomenon of complex textual layout in a broad range of pre-modern cultures, from ancient China to the 20-century Ethiopia, and from Egyptian papyri to Maya birch-bark divinatory handbooks.

Yegor Grebnev & Lesley Smith

Introduction: navigating complex texts from pre-modern cultures in the digital age

Christopher J. Foster

Navigating early Chinese daybook divination manuals

Andreas Winkler

Structuring astral science: a Demotic astrological manual from Graeco-Roman Egypt (Berlin, Egyptian Museum, P. Berlin 8345)

Michael Zellmann-Rohrer

A Trilingual sales contract on papyrus from Roman Arabia (P.Yadin I 22)

Umberto Bongianino

The Page Architecture of a Deluxe Arabic Dictionary from Islamic Spain

Francesco Bianchini

Legally binding: the textual layout of a copper-plate grant from South Asia

Heather O'Donoghue

The Karlevi runestone

Lesley Smith

Cambridge, Trinity College, MS B.5.4, folio 135v: the Psalms, with commentary by Peter Lombard

Christian Prager

Reading Ancient Maya hieroglyphic books

Nafisa Valieva

MS Parma, Biblioteca Palatina, Parm. 3852: a meeting point for a medieval Ethiopian king-usurper with modern pro-Italian actors


Dirk Meyer
Dirk Meyer
Director | Senior Editor of Manuscript and Text Cultures | Chinese Philosophy

The Queen’s College, Oxford

Angus Bowie
Angus Bowie
Senior Editor of Manuscript and Text Cultures | Classics

The Queen’s College, Oxford

Yegor Grebnev
Yegor Grebnev
Production Manager of Manuscript and Text Cultures | Chinese Studies

Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai), BNU-HKBU United International College



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