Getting Involved in CMTC Activities

There are various ways to get involved with the Centre. If you are in or around Oxford, please come to any of our activities and talk to any of our Board Members. We are always happy to welcome new colleagues and provide an opportunity to present their research. If you are elsewhere in the world, do join us online. You can begin by sending an email to to sign up to our mailing list.

Getting Involved in CMTC Activities


CMTC advances research in manuscript studies in Oxford by providing organisational support, publicity, and other assistance to related projects. The Center seeks to create an interdisciplinary network within which students and faculty can further their research agendas. The first such cooperation was launched in 2023, when CMTC entered into partnership with Crafting the Documents, an Oxford-based research project focused on the study of material aspects of manuscript production in medieval Europe.


All registered subscribers of Manuscript and Text Cultures become Associate Members of CMTC. Associate Members are entitled to propose workshops and conferences related to pre-modern manuscript and epigraphic studies that will be hosted at CMTC. In addition, Associate Members can propose new themes for upcoming issues of Manuscript and Text Cultures and nominate themselves as issue editors.

To become a member, please acquire an individual or an institutional subscription following the instructions on the Oxford University Stores website. In addition to the privileges of Associate Membership, you will receive paper copies of our journal.

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