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09 May 2022
CMTC festival: 11-12 May

To celebrate the launch of our journal, Manuscript and Text Cultures, CMTC are number of activities, including an exhibition of manuscripts held in the College library (image from the AH Sayce ...

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03 May 2022
Lunchtime colloquium is back for real

Finally, after what seemed like a never-ending time-slice, our lunchtime colloquia where we discuss work-in-progress, are back in person. Our very own CMTC board member, Amin Benaissa (Classics, Lady ...

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02 May 2022
New publication: Songs of the Royal Zhōu and the Royal Shào: Shī 詩 of the Ānhuī University Manuscripts

The Centre is pleased to announce the first book-length study of the Anhui University manuscripts of the Shi 詩 (Songs) by Dirk Meyer and Adam Schwartz (HKBU), titled Songs of the Royal Zhōu and the ...

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25 Feb 2022
New publication: Ramayana: The Great Epic of Ancient India

The Centre is pleased to announce the publication of by Tara Hathaway, the John and Jennifer Clay Scholar at CMTC. Originally written in ancient Sanskrit, the elegant, epic work—Ramayana—is a key ...